The hills of Pisa in Tuscany

The Tuscan hills, the Pisan hills

The Pisan hills are also places where the beauty of nature blends harmoniously with the work of man: medieval village, churches, dirt roads, ancient castles. All it immersed in the serenity that you can breathe walking through these hills, and think that up to a few hundred years ago, the Pisan Hills were the battleground between Pisa and Florence for the possession of these important areas.

Today tourists who want to immerse themselves in nature and also enjoy good food and Tuscan wine can make use of the many gastronomic tours that are made to taste the famous Tuscan red wines such as San Gimignano wine tour, or Chianti wine tour, the best cellars immersed in the green Tuscan hills along the wine road or the road of the tuscany extra virgin oil.

Products of the past, obtained following ancient recipes jealously handed down from father to son, which will allow you to breathe in the aromas and scents that you may be unable to find in the city: extra virgin olive oil, wine, wild vegetables.

You can reach these beautiful places and with an excursion from Florence or if you are arriving with a cruise to the port of Livorno with excursions from livorno port or thanks to the Car with driver Pisa, these services will allow you to easily reach these beautiful places.


Arriving on the Pisan hills from a cruise excursions from Livorno you will see the main towns of the province of Pisa, but if you want a transfer from Livorno to Florence, you can rely on to hire a car with driver which also offers a transfer service from Pisa airport to Florence.

The large geographic area can be safely visited by car, also because many of the Pisan Hills cities are not equipped with railway and bus stations, however much time you lose. Better then a tour by car from Florence to Pisa, the villages of the Pisan Hills are very close together and you can decide to going to the discovery of typical products in the farm of the Pisan Hills.

About roads, a curiosity: the road from Palaia to San Gimignano, near the province of Siena is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Nothing therefore remains that from your hotel in the Pisan Hills is devoted one day to such Sienese province with a Montalcino wine tour or a Montepulciano wine tour.

Continuing your excursion from Florence to Pisa, you can go in Terricciola: a small medieval village near Pisa, consecrated today in all the way to the excellent wine products, which is also dedicated to September the Grape and Wine festival. The excellent nectar of the rest can safely be enjoyed in one of the taverns or in one of the farms that are located in Terricciola territory.

To an immediate return in Florence the quickest way is the transfer from Pisa to Florence, it's also active transfer service from Pisa airport to Florence, a driver will pick you up wherever you are to take you to your destination to continue your Chianti Tour.


Tale prezzo dipenderà dalla classe della struttura e dalla stagione. Chiedete direttamente al gestore della struttura di comunicarvi tale costo aggiuntivo.

Attenzione: Con il termine bed and breakfast si identificano nel linguaggio comune diverse tipologie di strutture che in realtà possono essere più propriamente affittacamere o case vacanze. Tutte queste strutture affittano per periodi più o meno lunghi ma la differenza principale sta nei servizi che offrono. La differenza tra affittacamere, b&b e case vacanze a Pisa potete leggerla qui, in generale vi consigliamo di valutare le strutture in base ai servizi che offrono per trovare quella che soddisfa maggiormente le vostre aspettative.


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